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Personalized Veterinary Services in Spokane, WA



At Hunter Veterinary Clinic, we want to make sure your pet is happy and healthy. We offer a variety of general veterinary services for your pet that will put your mind at ease. Bringing your pet in for an annual exam ensures that your pet is in good health and if not, early detection will allows us to provide medical services to improve your pet's health.

Medical Services Include

• Vaccinations
• Wellness Exams
• Blood Testing, X Rays, & Other Diagnostics
• Flea & Tick Control Treatments
• Deworming
• Cardiology Assessments


Hunter Veterinary Clinic provides professional and trusted surgical services for your pet. Our experienced veterinarians perform routine procedures along with medical emergency surgeries. Solve your pet's health issues by performing necessary procedures to rebuild and restore your pet back to optimial health.

Surgical Services Include

General Surgery
• Spay / Neuter
Dental Cleanings (including extractions)
• Declaw
• Orthopedic
• Biopsy





Oral care is just as important for your pet as it is for you. By 5 years old most dogs have some degree of periodontal disease. In cats, plaque and tartar can cause severe inflammation of the gums that affects their quality of life, sometimes starting at a very early age.

In puppies we routinely see retained baby teeth and abnormal tooth alignment during their “puppy vaccines.” As pets age, we will “flip the lip” to check for dental disease as we monitor the health of your pet.

Proper dental cleanings involve placing your pet under anesthesia. We strongly recommend avoiding “anesthesia-free” dentistry, as it puts your pet at increased risk (see http://avdc.org/AFD/risks-of-anesthesia-free-pet-dental-cleanings/ for more information). While under anesthesia a complete oral exam is conducted to look for infected teeth and previously unseen complications (such as oral tumors or foreign material). Non-salvageable, infected teeth are then painlessly removed using a high speed dental drill and elevators. Then an ultrasonic scaler is used to remove the hardened tartar on their teeth and a polishing head removes any small grooves or rough spots that can attract the tartar to return more quickly.

In addition to treating dental disease, we also recommend our patients use routine preventative strategies to minimize tartar buildup. Dogs, cats, and ferrets should have their teeth brushed at least three times weekly (daily is better). Additionally, products such as Royal Canin's Dental diet, Greenies, Dentastix, etc can be used in addition to brushing to help prevent dental disease.


Hunter Veterinary Clinic offers complete pet medical services for many different species of family pets and exotic animals. Dogs and cats may not be the only type of animals that you include as a part of your family, so we offer our professional veterinary services to many different species of exotic animals.

Our list of exotic animals includes

  • Small Mammals: ferrets, rabbits, rodents & hedgehog
  • Reptiles: lizards, turtles & snakes
  • Birds: parrots, other tropical animals, chickens
Contact our office to set up an appointment or for additional questions about our veterinary services.